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How much is an independent, unbiased appraisal worth to you? The answer could be tens of thousands. Do not risk undervaluing your home, and trust the professionals. There are 5 reasons why you should have your home appraised annually by one of our professionals.

  1. Building insurance cover amounts need to be kept current to avoid disappointment in the event of a claim.
  2. Re-Financing is a process of replacing your existing mortgage. A reason you would consider re-financing would be to achieve a more competitive mortgage interest rate.
  3. Shrinking your tax. Your annual property taxes are based on the market value of your home. Think you’re paying too much? Receive an appraisal on your home to re-negotiate your tax repayments. A qualified valuation may be needed.
  4. Using your home as collateral for other loans requires a fair market appraisal on its value. This means you must have an accurate and up to date appraisal done by a professional. Before spending the money on a valuer, let us help you with an appraisal to see if this option is worth considering.
  5. Home equity loans are loans that access surplus funds on the value of your home. You may receive an appraisal from us to ensure that you LVR is current and accurate. If you are satisfied with our appraisal you may then consider approaching your financial institution for available options subject to bank valuations.